The first two weeks

I’m amazed by the response that we’ve had to our word search maker.  Apart from the review by Ubuntips that I mentioned before, we’ve been listed in several software directories - mostly with reviews and all generally positive.  Here are some of the places the we’ve found FindThatWord listed: Softonic, with separate reviews in English, French and Spanish; Softpedia (English, no review), and Mirsofta (Russian, no review).  Gnomefiles also list us, but that doesn’t really count because we submitted the program ourselves there.  We’re up to 362 downloads so far.  That’s far more than I expected - I thought that 3-4 a day was a more likely figure.  I’m glad you like our program.

Criticism so far has been constructive and centres around the limited configuration options.  That’s something we’ll target for a future release.

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