About FindThatWord

FindThatWord is a simple, fast, easy-to-use program that creates wordsearch puzzles.  Teachers, parents, children and puzzle lovers should all find FindThatWord useful.

FindThatWord creates puzzles that you print out and solve on paper.  If you want to play a puzzle on your computer, it’s not the program for you.

What does it look like?

Here’s FindThatWord running on Ubuntu Linux.

FindThatWord screenshot

FindThatWord screenshot

What features does it have?

FindThatWord’s main feature is that it’s simple to use. You can learn to use it in a few minutes, and you can create new puzzles in a few minutes more. As you add words to your puzzle, FindThatWord automatically resizes the puzzle grid, changes the font size and lays out the page for the best possible results.

But we believe that simplicity shouldn’t come at the cost of power, so FindThatWord gives you real control over your puzzle. You can replace the word list with a set of clues or remove it altogether; you can hide a message in the unused grid cells; you can add a block of text as a puzzle introduction; and you can force the grid size if you don’t like the automatic settings.

At the moment, only the Linux version of FindThatWord supports printing directly, but all versions allow you to turn your masterpiece into a PDF for printing or sharing. If you need more flexibility, you can export your puzzle as a picture (PNG or SVG) or even as text for further editing with other programs.

How much does it cost?

Absolutely nothing.

FindThatWord is free, open source software. We created the program for fun, and we don’t believe in making you pay for our fun. FindThatWord isn’t a trial version - it’s the real thing. It doesn’t carry advertisements; it won’t send us any information about you or your computer; you can use it freely in a commercial or educational setting; and you can share it with your friends and colleagues.

You can download FindthatWord freely from our site at Sourceforge. If you’re not familiar with it, Sourceforge is the best place on the web to look for free software.

FindThatWord is licensed under the GNU Public Licence (GPL). Some restrictions apply, particularly if you modify the code and redistribute it. Please read the licence if you need more information.

What operating system does it need?

FindThatWord runs on all recent versions of Windows.  We’ve tested it on Windows XP and with the Windows 7 Beta, and we know that it also works with Vista.  It might also work with earlier versions of Windows - let us know if you have any success.

The program works best on Linux - some features are disabled under Windows because we’re not smart enough to make them work.  We use Ubuntu as our main platform for development and testing, so it’s but any recent Linux distribution should suffice.  Installation is easiest on Debian-based distributions (eg Debian, Ubuntu, Mint, Xandros, EeePC), though.

In theory FindThatWord should also run on OS X, but our Mac recently died  so we can’t test it; if you have a Mac and it works for you, it would be great if you could send us some instructions so that other can benefit from your knowledge.

Related projects

FindThatWord might not quite cut it for you, but it’s not the only free wordsearch program out there. Others that you might like to try include:

  • Word Search Creator: An attractive, easy use program that doesn’t have all the features of our software, but which allows you to make puzzles with unusual shapes
  • WordSearch Creator: A very simple command line program that we used extensively before writing FindThatWord
  • WordSearch: An interesting command line puzzle creator that will choose random words from the dictionary to create a puzzle automatically. Appears to be for Linux / UNIX only

We hope that you’ll like our program the best. If you don’t, please let us know why so that we can improve it.